Play as a Team at Fab Locations
& Iconic Venues

500+ tournaments played
70+ nations
over 6 continents

How does this sound to you?


Competitive, well organised tennis (earning you points toward a “World Tennis Number”) – played in premium locations and as a member of a global amateur tennis team.


Travel, accommodation and socials all conceriged for you by the All Court Tennis Club.


Playing singles or doubles in your age bracket at some of the best tennis and travel locations in the world. Whether you win or lose, you’re part of your very own entourage – a team that supports you and that you can support.


A mini tennis vacation with plenty to see and do in addition to tennis – that you or your significant other will love whether playing or not.

Enticing? Then hop on board a new tennis lifestyle journey with the All Court Tennis Club.  We curate group experiences and cherry-pick the best amateur tournaments held via the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Masters Tour to build your game to the next level – as a team.

Ready to Explore Team Tennis at Wonderful Locations?

Explore illustrious destinations around the world, with all the details taken care of by your very own tennis lifestyle club.  We’ve got you.
Get started by browsing our tournament list below.

Your Concierge Service for a Seamless Tennis Trip

Arranging team tennis trips is another benefit of being part of the All Court Tennis Club’s mission to give passionate, amateur players a global tennis lifestyle. You’ll be supported by our in-house concierge service who will facilitate your trip from start to finish: from flights and hotels to tournament sign-ons, restaurant recommendations and bookings.

Whilst centred in tennis, we are a lifestyle club and our members’ interests expand into travel, art, culture, dining experiences and beyond. Just communicate your wish-list to our experienced events team and they’ll handle the rest.

Play Conceriged ITF Tournaments – FAQs

What is an ITF tournament?

The ITF Global Masters Tour is a long list of competitive tournaments for 30 year olds and above of different skill levels. It is designed to give amateurs a taste of a professional style tournament, complete with tournament umpires, scoreboards, schedules, provision of balls and rub-downs. Events are categorised in five year age gradations, starting at 30 year olds and finishing at 90 year olds! For example if you are turning 45 in this calendar year, you will play others that are turning 45 to 49 in the calendar year.

Are all ITF tournaments the same?

No, and that’s one area where we come in. The All Court Tennis Club cherry-picks what we think are the best, most fun and desirable ones to concierge a team trip from our global community of amateur enthusiasts. We also ask you about your level of tennis and help you select the most appropriate event. There are 6 tournament grades. The entry level tournament grade is 100, followed by 200, 400, 700, 1000 and World Championships. Click on a location you like below and our concierge team will respond to your email and take you through it, plus answer any other questions that you may have.

Singles, doubles, mixed?

Yes. The events allow you to play either singles, doubles or mixed doubles – or a combination! That’s why it’s great to go as a team organised by us, as playing two or more of the formats, gives you more matches.

Why is the All Court Tennis Club doing this?

For a couple of reasons. We know from experience that ITF events can be a bit lonely if you go on your own. And if you get knocked out of the draw early, you might quite rightly want to stick around to enjoy the historical or luxurious city or town that you are in, rather than head straight for home! Playing as an All Court Tennis Club team lets you support your teammates over the event. Another thing we hear is our member would like to try out one of these tournaments, but are anxious that it would be a bit boring for their significant other that might not play tennis during the day but would like to come along for a holiday. We are looking to fix those issues by putting you in touch with our events team to help you explore the sights and sample local culture and dining with a fun group of people, whatever the tennis results. We organise those options for you.
The other reason is that we are always looking out for ways to encourage more people to enjoy an active tennis lifestyle on a global basis.  We believe that engaging in competition from time to time with different opponents but in a team atmosphere helps you enjoy tennis more.

Is there a cost?

The only cost is to pay the tournament entry fee for the particular tournament, which is very affordable. You need to register for a unique ITF IPIN (International Player Identification Number) which is easy.  If you don’t have one, we can help with that.  The All Court Tennis Club doesn’t charge for its concierge services but we do ask that you sign up for our complimentary “Baseline” Membership so that we can keep you informed of our other events, collaborations and products.

Does the All Court Tennis Club put on its own events?

We certainly do! We have two main categories of events which are “Play & Watch” and “Train & Compete”. “Play & Watch” is where our coaches or pros conduct a masterclass at a private members club during a grand slam or large ATP or WTA tournament. We play ourselves, socialise over dinners and cocktails plus go to the ATP or WTA tournament to watch the professionals battle it out for the title. “Train & Compete” are our global city group training sessions, allowing members to improve bit by bit each month and put their improvements in to practice during their matches! You can visit our events here.

Play ITF Tournaments, Switch up Your Tennis Lifestyle

A final word. Our goal is to take the monotony out of your day-to-day tennis lifestyle. ITF Tournaments conceriged by the All Court Tennis Club are perfect for those with a sense of adventure, willingness to improve, desire to play team tennis and would prefer to glamp than to camp when going on a trip that involves some match-play.

Through entering ITF Tournaments as an All Court Tennis Club team, you’ll open up doors to new locations with a group of like-minded racquets sport enthusiasts who all have tennis at the top of their trip itinerary.

Don’t worry if your skill level is less than perfect. These tournaments can be entered into by amateurs at any stage in their tennis journey. We’ll guide you through it and the different events and levels. Have fun, meet new people, travel with your tennis (or other) partner and enter a tournament. Win or lose, participating is everything. And the All Court Tennis Club is beside you all the way.