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The All Court Tennis Club has offered me the opportunity to play tennis tournaments in the most iconic and magical settings. Through these tournaments and experiences, I have forged international friendships both on and off the court. I always look forward to seeing where The ACTC will host its next breath-taking international event!

Merritt Piro

Participating is everything

The All Court Tennis Club is a global members club of passionate, amateur active tennis players, connected locally and internationally through city chapters – with exclusive access to clubs and courts, coaches and mentors, experiences and events.

Pick a membership plan to embark on a new tennis journey.


The Access

We provide our members with access to sought-after clubs and courts in our vibrant city chapters, headed by experienced and tennis-loving Ambassadors, be it in London, Singapore, New York, Bombay, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo or Las Vegas. And there’s plenty more where that came from …

City Chapters & Communities

We have locations around the world and memberships to suit different needs.

Our community is connected both internationally when travelling, and locally when playing at home, via city chapters run by our hand-picked ex tennis pro chapter Ambassadors.

Play in your local ACTC chapter and if the travel bug bites, parachute into our cosmopolitan city chapters to train, hit or catch up with another member or attend an event.

Events and Tournaments

Events & Tournaments

Our events are fun and competitive, with a strong social element.  We believe that tennis as a lifestyle, encapsulates a dash of glamour, a sprinkle of style and a whole lot of camaraderie.   We bring that joy to the All Court Tennis Club events and tournaments.

It’s not just about the tennis results, it’s about being part of something special.

Team Escapes Around the World

Explore unique tennis destinations as part of an All Court Tennis Club team.

Play ITF organised, competitive amateur tennis events but not on your own – do it with the support and camaraderie of the All Court Tennis Club.

ITF team tennis


We collaborate with some of the best in the business, from hotels, resorts and academies, to premium performance wear and training kit.

Enhance your tennis lifestyle with the experience of an All Court Tennis Club membership.

Train & Compete


Tennis your lifestyle of choice?  Ours too.  

At the ACTC we’re working on being the global destination to get the best tennis drills and mental strength training of your life. We are dedicated to bringing more joy to lives worldwide through our Train & Compete sessions.

Train and compete