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    Our events

    Play & Watch

    Play & Watch

    We have exclusive access to tickets for the world’s biggest tennis tournaments and Grand Slam events. Through this access, we offer members the hottest event seats and an opportunity to play tennis themselves at premium racquets clubs in those cities.

    Train & Compete

    Train & Compete

    Train & Compete is a 90-minute drill and strategy group session delivered by the best coaches in the business. Sessions take place in our city chapters two to four times a month and accommodate up to eight players per court, per coach.

    ITF Team Tennis Trips

    ITF Team Tennis Trips

    Did you know that the ITF put on amateur tournaments around the world that you can enter? They’re competitive, well organised, and we turn them into a fun mini-vacation for our members. We can arrange entry to the tournament, hotels, flights, restaurant reservations and the rest!

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    Play with the pros 

    Advantage members enjoy exclusive access to the All Court Tennis Club member app, where they book hits with professional hitting partners for an elevated tennis experience. Playing with a seasoned pro not only elevates your skills but gives you valuable insights from a true tennis professional. 

    Monthly £19.95 / $25.95 / €22.95


    Physio and strength conditioning

    with Harley Street Physiotherapist Jamies Vickers

    Stretch and building up tennis-centric muscle groups. Practice the same exercises as taught to elite athletes in track and field, triathlons, tennis and winter sports by our established London sports physiotherapist

    Tennis coaching videos

    with Head Coach Barry Fulcher

    Our bespoke video lessons and collaborations with expert coaches will propel you to a bigger and better racquets lifestyle.

    Mental coaching audio series

    with Sports Psychologist Jeff Greenwald M.F.T.

    Elevating your mental game is crucial when competing at a high level. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the esteemed Jeff Greenwald to provide you with concise yet impactful audio clips that take your mental game to new heights.

    What members say

    Mike B, MEMBER

    The access is real and the experience is unrivaled. The community aspect that All Court has created is worth the price of membership alone.  Speaking directly to my time at the West Side Tennis Club, I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed myself so much.  I will definitely be connecting for future All Courts Tennis events. Cheers to the entire team for their efforts in providing a thing of real value for members. 

    Kayvan Noroozi, Member

    The All Court Tennis Club provides incredible access to a global tennis lifestyle. Thanks to my membership, I was able to attend Wimbledon and play at three of London’s most exclusive clubs with local members who quickly became new friends. Bravo to ACTC for enabling passionate racquet sports fans to form new experiences and relationships.

    David J. Entwistle, Member

    The All Court Tennis Club is a unique club combining the sport of tennis with social networking. I found the people to be interesting, fun and passionate about tennis. The club is very well organized and the venues are 1st Class.

    Andrew D Low, Member

    I’ve enjoyed All Court Tennis Club’s events in both Paris and New York, they were both excellent! They have access to the best courts, tips from top professionals and the chance to meet other members from around the globe.

    Nirav Mody, Member

    Thanks to Adrian and his team, within a few hours of landing in London, I was confirmed to play with a fellow member at one of the top clubs in central London, which otherwise as a visitor I would not have access to. What an experience!

    Ricardo Fernandez, Member

    I love the club’s Train & Compete sessions. The quick change of pace and level of play was very insightful and enjoyable. I also valued meeting other people in my same situation to organize future games. Nice community.

    Aditya Khilnani, Member

    I didn’t plan to play tennis when travelling to new cities but All Court make it so easy and special. I loved the experience of playing with Pato at Charmartin in Madrid! He not only hosted me on the court that he beat John McEnroe, but also took time to have a quick beer and share his stories of playing on the tour.

    Philipp Westermann, Member

    Thanks to All Court we were able to benefit from very advantageous rates and special treats at one of Europe’s most luxurious hotels with great tennis facilities.  The experience was complete by playing with a top 20 player. Thank you to the All Court team for organising this. I recommend them for any tennis related holiday!

    Fausto Zanetton, Member

    I attended both the wonderful events at Stoke Park and Turin last year. It was a pleasure to connect with like-minded tennis enthusiasts from all over the world. The masterclasses were great and the social events contributed to a very special atmosphere.

    Merritt Piro, Member

    All Court has offered me the opportunity to play tennis tournaments in the most iconic and magical settings. Through these tournaments and experiences, I have forged international friendships both on and off the court. I always look forward to seeing where the club will host its next breath-taking international event!

    Ricardo Lombardi, Member

    I live in London but travel to Dubai often for family holidays and business. The ACTC has enabled me to connect with a local group of like-minded, passionate tennis players who quickly welcomed me into their events. The recent tournament at Atlantis The Palm was played under idyllic sunny conditions and on beautiful courts, striking the perfect balance of a relaxed whilst competitive atmosphere.

    Pranav Reddy, Member

    I got a chance to hit with the Bryan brothers, all thanks to ACTC! Their event in New York was excellent, filled with a tonne of tennis tips from the famous tennis duo. I made a bunch of new friends from across the pond and played with the pros. It was a perfect day filled with tennis and drinks. I would totally do this again.

    Michel Cassard, Member

    The ACTC has been an amazing resource for my international tennis. I moved to Dubai from London and within just a couple days of arrival, the ACTC set me up with a top local club to play at and with other members who are passionate tennis players. Invaluable for any new city!

    George Palmer, Member

    Really great evening of Padel, drinks and paella organised by All Court in London recently. I will definitely be coming back to the next event. Lovely people and a high standard of Padel. Some awesome Slazenger prizes too. Thank you again!

    Jane Lau, Member

    Thanks Francesca and team for organising a really fun event. Looking forward to more in the future!



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the All Court Tennis Club?

    The All Court Tennis Club is a virtual racquets club providing passionate, amateur tennis players with access to events, clubs, coaches, pro hitters and premium tennis content. We’re building a global lifestyle brand and community and we’d love you to be part of it.

    Where is All Court Tennis Club based?

    The company and management team are based out of our HQ in London. Booking hitting sessions through our member app is currently possible in London and New York, however we have pro-hitters, coaches and brand ambassadors that we can connect you with across the globe.

    How can I access courts through All Court Tennis Club?

    Right now we have a number of relationships with clubs through our City Ambassadors and members. We can set you up for a hit on a case by case basis. Just get in touch and we can hook you up. 

    How can I as a member access clubs and courts?

    Right now we have a number of relationships with clubs through our ambassadors where you can access and play at the club with our ambassador or other members on a case by case basis by contacting us. Our mobile app future releases will put this benefit on the app and at your fingertips. 

    How can I get involved as an amateur player?

    Apply for one of our memberships through a quick application form.Our members currently enjoy access to clubs, courts and coaches in cities accross the globe. Members can also purchase tickets to our Play & Watch events and Train & Compete coaching sessions. Check out our events page for more.

    Do I need to be a member to attend All Court Tennis Club events?

    No.  You can book to play and socialise at our events or buy tickets to watch tournaments on the events page of our website even if not a member.  However, being a member, including our complimentary Baseline membership does get you event perks and pricing.

    How do I access your club app?

    Our member app is now live on the App Store for iOS users you can download it by clicking here. The app allows members to book and request hitting sessions with professional tennis players.

    Do you only do tennis? What about other racquet sports?

    We focus on tennis but rest assured that our Padel and pickleball brethren are most welcome. We are building our community and offerings in these two growing sports.

    How can I get involved as a professional tennis player?

    We have pro-hitters and coaches in many major cities all over the world. If you’re interested in becoming one of the club’s professional hitters click here.

    How can I get involved as a high level coach?

    If you’re a highly qualified coach with an open, entrepreneurial mind, click here.  

    I’d love my racquets club to get involved in a partnership with you. How do I help in that?

    We’d love to hear more about it!  Please inquire here.

    You mention that you act as a concierge as part of the All Court Tennis Club benefits. What does that mean exactly?

    If you’re a Baseline member and you purchase one of our events, we have a team that can on your request recommend and book flights, hotels and restaurants.  If you’re an Advantage or Ace member you have access to this service whether you’ve booked one of our events or not.  Of course we are most expert in racquets related offerings!

    Do you do your own events or take people to existing events?

    We do both.  Our Train & Compete city events are group performance training sessions, designed for the busy club amateur who wants to compete more freely in his or her matches or friendlies.  Our Play & Watch series is where we take a group to play at a private club and also watch the pros play the grand slams or majors tournaments. Finally in our Team Tennis series we use ITF tournaments for amateurs in the best locations and take a team to play, support and hit the town!

    Do you sell tickets just to watch international events like Grand Slams and ATP / WTA major tournaments?

    We do.  We understand sometimes you just want to remain off court and soak in the atmosphere of the big professional events.  You can check out what’s on offer for tennis and other sports on the international stage, here.

    What payment process does All Court Tennis Club use for its events?

    Our payment provider is Stripe. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification in the payments industry. All payments occur in Stripe’s payment platform and all card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. No banking details are held by us. For more information on Stripe and its security measures, visit this page.