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PHIL Taylor, Member

Playing with someone better than you is the only way to truly challenge yourself. I really believe that. Now, with this app, doing that is easier than ever.

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27, LONDON / WTA doubles rank: 1285

Katie Dyson, ranked UK top 10 of all age groups under 18 before playing college tennis in the U.S. During her time there, she received an ITA Scholar Athlete Award, Most Valuable Player Award and a Sunshine State Conference Award. She is now playing on the professional tour and has a WTA ranking. Katie also coaches/mentors upcoming British junior tennis players in her spare time. This involves occasionally travelling with top juniors to ITF events.


26, London / WTA rank: 1124

Holly Hutchinson, an Old Dominion University alumna and standout for Bath Tennis, has an impressive WTA record with 1124 singles and 290 doubles matches. Achieving two doubles semi-finals in 100k events last year, she also represented Great Britain twice in University Sport, securing a silver medal in both 2019 and 2021.


23, London / ATP rank: 747

Millen Hurrion, a rising tennis talent, made a significant impact as a hitting partner for esteemed players during Wimbledon 2019, including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, and more. Currently dedicated to pursuing excellence on the professional circuit, Millen trains at Bath University. He has won two pro-doubles titles, the NCAA team final in 2022 and four tour level finals.



Sophia Bennett

The convenience of booking courts and finding hitting partners through this app has completely changed my tennis routine! I love how easy it is to connect with other players and get on the court whenever I want.

Marcus Nguyen

This app has been a game-changer for my tennis practice. I can easily schedule a hit with someone if I find a block of my day that’s free. Between work and family life, I find that very useful.

Gabriel Ramirez

In London, committing to a tennis club membership feels like a significant expense I can’t justify. However, thanks to this app, I’ve accessed fantastic courts without the hefty commitment—a perfect fit for my lifestyle.

Andy Wilson

Finally, an app that streamlines the entire process of coordinating tennis sessions! From finding a court to connecting with players. This changes the game.

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