Experience Istanbul's rich heritage and vibrant lifestyle: play tennis, shop in exclusive areas, dine in diverse eateries, relax in luxurious hotels, and explore historic sites.
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Straddling the boundary between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a mesmerizing city that boasts a history as diverse and layered as its landscapes. This ancient metropolis, once known as Byzantium and then Constantinople, has been at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries, each leaving its mark on the city’s architecture, culture, and traditions. Istanbul’s bustling bazaars, majestic mosques, and vibrant street life paint a picture of a city that’s both timeless and modern, offering an endless array of sights, sounds, and flavors to discover.


Istanbul might be famed for its historical and cultural offerings, but it also provides ample opportunities for tennis enthusiasts. The city hosts several well-equipped tennis clubs that cater to both amateur and professional players.

One of the notable clubs is the Istanbul Tennis Academy in Bakırköy, which features both indoor and outdoor courts and offers a variety of training programs. The club’s friendly atmosphere and professional facilities make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. For those visiting in the spring, the Istanbul Cup, an annual WTA event, showcases top international talent right in the heart of the city.

what to SEE

In Istanbul, each neighborhood offers its own unique slice of the city’s vast cultural tapestry. The historical peninsula houses monumental attractions such as the majestic Hagia Sophia, with its breathtaking Christian mosaics and Islamic calligraphy, and the Blue Mosque, famous for its intricate blue Iznik tiles. Nearby, the Topkapi Palace showcases the opulent lifestyle of the Ottoman sultans, while the Basilica Cistern offers a mysterious subterranean escape with its ancient columns and meditative ambiance. Venture into the bustling Grand Bazaar for a shopping experience in a labyrinth of colorful stalls, or climb the Galata Tower for panoramic views of Istanbul’s sprawling cityscape. Beyond these landmarks, the neighborhoods of Balat, Kadıköy, and Üsküdar are each worth exploring. Balat charms visitors with its colorful historic houses and vibrant street life, reflecting a diverse cultural heritage. Kadıköy, a hub of activity on the Asian side, offers a blend of trendy cafes, theatres, and bars, providing a youthful contrast to the city’s ancient sites. Üsküdar, also on the Asian shore, invites a quieter, more reflective visit with its beautiful mosques and seaside promenades, offering stunning views back across the Bosphorus towards the European side. Each area contributes uniquely to the rich, multifaceted identity of Istanbul, making the city a dynamic mosaic of the past and present.

Istanbul is more than just a city; it’s a vivid mosaic of cultures and histories, each corner teeming with stories. Whether you’re there to soak in the historical ambiances, enjoy the local gastronomy, shop in luxurious locales, or simply explore its myriad attractions, Istanbul promises an unforgettable journey.


Shopping in Istanbul is an experience in itself, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. The Zorlu Shopping Center is a modern shopping paradise with both high-end international brands and local boutiques. For a more upscale shopping experience, the streets of Nişantaşı are lined with designer stores and chic boutiques that reflect the area’s trendy spirit. Another must-visit shopping destination is Istinye Park Shopping Center, offering a wide range of shops, from luxury labels to everyday brands, all under one roof. For an authentic shopping experience, explore the iconic Grand Bazaar, where you can discover a labyrinth of shops offering everything from handmade carpets to exquisite jewelry and traditional Turkish crafts.

Eat, drink and BE merry

Istanbul’s culinary scene is as diverse as its heritage, with a variety of dishes that reflect the city’s rich history. For traditional Turkish cuisine, visit the eateries along the vibrant Istiklal Avenue, where you can taste everything from kebabs to baklava. For a more contemporary dining experience, the neighborhoods of Karaköy and Beşiktaş offer trendy cafes and restaurants that serve modern interpretations of classic Turkish dishes. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee or tea at one of the traditional cafes overlooking the Bosphorus.


For those seeking luxurious accommodations, Istanbul offers several options. The Çırağan Palace Kempinski in Beşiktaş provides guests with opulent rooms and exceptional service in a historic Ottoman palace. The Wyndham Grand in Kadıköy offers modern luxury with stunning views of the city and the sea. Similarly, the Four Seasons in Beşiktaş combines historical architecture with modern comforts, located right by the Bosphorus.