Play Padel in London

Presented by All Court Tennis Club

Sport: Padel (outdoor courts)
Format: Warm up drills and match play
Date: Monday 19th December
Venue: Queens Club, London, W14 9EQ
Time: TBC
Price: TBC

Want to play Padel in London this month? If so, come and join the All Court Tennis Club for their newest event series – Padelmania.

It’s time to grab your Padel racquet and begin challenging your skills in an entirely new way. You’ll enjoy a dynamic format of match play during this 90-minute session, hosted by former professional tennis player and Padel enthusiast Lewis Burton.

Padel is the fastest growing racquet sport and currently sits at the top of the trends in the racquet world, with massive investments from world famous players backing the expansion of the sport in the UK. With a clear path for a year of success in 2023, don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the trend and polish up your Padel skills before the year is out.