Now that the sparks have left SW19, European players head back to the safety of clay before summer’s end brings on the hard courts
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In 2016, after 33 years away from the soaring Swiss Alps and its imperial pedigree, the WTA returned to Gstaad to join its ATP brother tournament, the Swiss Open Gstaad. But after stints in Lugano, Geneva, and Lucerne — as well as a name change from the Swiss Open to the European Open — the Ladies Open Lausanne finally settled in the Olympic capital in 2019.


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    Tennis Club Stade-Lausanne

    Situated in Vidy, the central neighborhood of Lausanne, the Tennis Club Stade-Lausanne clubhouse was built to overlook a central court, on which champions such as Rod Laver, Sergio Tacchini and Nicola Pietrangeli played. In the late 1960s, the Lausanne Tennis Association (ALT), combined the three main Lausanne tennis clubs (TC Lausanne Sports, TC Stade-Lausanne and TC Montchoisi) and the courts increased to nineteen. From 1984 to 1992, the club hosted the Ebel Classic, a men’s international tournament and continued to expand to meet the growing demands of professional tennis and become a national training centre. The club aimed to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the festivities, including the Ladies Open. Everything resumed in 2021.

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      Lausanne has a vibrant above-ground and underground cultural scene with numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, and music venues. The city also hosts the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (LUFF) in October and the Lausanne Festival of Lights (Lausanne Lumières) across November and December.

      If you’re in town for the tennis, grab a coffee and take a stroll over to Collection de l’Art Brut on Av. des Bergières. The gallery showcases works created by self-taught artists, often considered to be outside the boundaries of mainstream art, providing a fascinating insight into the creative expressions of individuals with no formal artistic training or affiliation.


      In the heart of the Switzerland, the country at the crossroads of Europe, lies Lausanne’s historic Old Town, known as La Cité, a charming district with cobblestone streets. Les Boutiques du Château, situated near the Lausanne Cathedral is where you’ll find Memories, a stylish boutique stocking all the hottest Swiss streetwear brands.

      Looking for something a little more high-end? Keep strolling past the Swiss young-guns catching up on their lunch-break, and you’ll soon arrive at Louis Vuitton and The Kooples. Enjoy some casual window shopping, or pick up something stylish to wear to the Ladies finals.  


      Eat, drink and BE merry

      Lausanne is known for its vibrant culinary scene, with a range of restaurants, cafés, and bistros offering French, Swiss and international cuisine. Oh, and you’ll always find plenty of fresh fish from the nearby lakes on the menu. Lausanne is located in the heart of the Lavaux vineyards, so if you spot a bottle of Chasselas on the menu, opt for that, it won’t have travelled far.

      Opened in 1780 by a local wine merchant, Pinte Besson, which is located in Lausanne’s Old Town, is the go-to for hearty Swiss dishes, such as cheese fondue, raclette, and sausage, served in a cosy and rustic atmosphere — complete with vaulted ceilings and faceted glass windows.

      La Table d’Edgard, located in the Lausanne Palace hotel, is run by Chef Edgard Bovier who earned a Michelin star for his mastery of Mediterranean cuisine. For a slow morning in Lausanne City Centre, Café du Grütli has serves delicious breakfast and brunch options from croissants and pastries to savoury dishes like eggs Benedict.


      Above most everything, Lausanne is known for its breath-taking natural beauty and picture-perfect vistas. While Switzerland has a reputation for being expensive, the country’s range of fastidiously clean and well-appointed accommodations suit various preferences and budgets.

      Beau-Rivage Palace offers 168 elegant rooms, a spa and beautifully landscaped gardens on the shores of Lake Geneva. Evolving roughly at the same rate of the city, Lausanne Palace features a range of rooms, including some with balconies and decorative fireplaces, while four restaurants, including a Japanese eatery, and three bars provide refreshment after a day of tennis.

      The budget-friendly Hotel Continental Lausanne sits in the city centre and above all, grants visitors simple and clean rooms, easy access to public transportation and walking distance of shops, restaurants and most importantly, the tennis.

      Lastly, the  Hôtel Angleterre & Résidence is spread over four house-like, English-style pavilions on the coast of Lake Geneva. Nights at the Piazza dell’Accademia, the terrace of L’Accademia restaurant, take on the air of an Italian square where courteous staff circle the tables with traditional Italian dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal products.

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