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The All Court Tennis Club invites its network of young tennis professionals to participate in their pro hitter day at the prestigious West Side Tennis Club in New York and the chance to win a generous 1st prize purse of $1,000 for men and women, winner takes all! Plus lunch and networking opportunity with high-net-worth members. Read on to find out more...

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Wednesday 30th August

10am – 11:30pm – pro tournament

11:30am – 12pm – casual hit with club members

12:30pm – 2pm – clubhouse lunch and member networking

2pm – pro-am member competition, afternoon of games and drills

4pm – cocktails and prize giving 


Westside Tennis Club, 1 Tennis Pl, Forest Hills, NY 11375




  • Selected group of 8 male and 8 female ACTC Hitters across eight courts at Westside Tennis Club
  • Prize of $1,000 for winning male
  • Prize of $1,000 for winning female
  • No entry fee
  • Clubhouse lunch supplied for all players after the tournament
  • On-court member session plus member networking
  • ACTC Hitter welcome pack for each player

If you’d like to compete in our pro tournament, get in touch via the ‘register interest’ button.

ABOUT our member EVENT

Our US Open Play & Watch is the second of its kind taking on the West Side Tennis Club. Our iconic Play & Watch format sees our affluent amateur members purchase tickets to play at top tennis clubs around the world along with a ticket to watch the world’s biggest tournaments and Grand Slams (The West Side Tennis Club and the US Open in this case.) Members will have the chance to spectate at the pro tournament; watching and enjoying you and your fellow pros’ professional level of tennis. Once the pro tournament concludes, there will be an opportunity to hit with our high-net-worth club members and a lunch for everyone at the clubhouse. They will then take-part in a pro-am member competition and afternoon of games and drills, coached by Vicente Muñoz, a well known New York tennis coach, with the help of our selected ACTC Hitters. 

Many of our members are high net-worth individuals with high powered jobs and impressive networks in the corporate world. The good news for you? They also love tennis! What better way to network?

If you’d like to compete in our pro hitter day, get in touch via the ‘register interest’ button.


The All Court Tennis club is a global tennis and lifestyle club uniting tennis enthusiasts worldwide, offering unparalleled access to a range of experiences including playing, spectating, competing, and socialising in the most exciting locations. Through exclusive events, tournaments, training sessions, and priceless experiences, we provide members and corporate sponsors with unique tennis and lifestyle experiences.

If you’d like to compete in our pro hitter day, get in touch via the ‘register interest’ button.


New York

Not just a former college player and Brooklyn based tennis coach, our man in NYC is a creative powerhouse, writing articles in Racquet Magazine, a fantastic photographer in his own right and even has his own publication, Balcony Magazine. Vicente is an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to the buzzing New York tennis scene. He has even done some modelling for one of our favourite tennis wear and athleisure brands, Reigning Champ. An all-rounder by all accounts!