Thank you for becoming a member of All Court Tennis Club.

At The All Court Tennis Club we strive to:

  • Put our community first
  • Match the passion
  • Be truly exclusive
  • Lead with a curious and adventurous approach
  • Elevate the game

Getting to know our company

Adrian Calvert, a lawyer, and entrepreneur originally from Queensland, Australia, established All Court Tennis Club in 2020. As a global tennis and lifestyle brand, our club unites tennis enthusiasts worldwide, offering unparalleled access to a range of experiences including playing, spectating, competing, and socialising in the most exciting locations. By becoming a member, you will gain access to bookable hitting sessions with pro players, exclusive events, tournaments, training sessions, and priceless experiences, we provide members and corporate sponsors with access to a unique tennis lifestyle.

Through the All Court Tennis Club app we aim to unite our global members and provide access to pro-hitting-partners, the world’s finest clubs, courts, coaches, and events.

Membership Guidelines

What is a Hitting Session?

Our app is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables our members to reserve, schedule, book, purchase, access and attend a range of playing experiences, classes or similar with professional or elite athletes (“Hitting Sessions”).

Sessions can take place in courts and clubs owned and/or operated by third parties. We do not own, operate or control any of the Venues or Sessions that are offered at or through our app.

During a Hitting Session it is important to note that the Hitter is not there as a coach. We encourage conversation and exchange of anecdotes from the Hitter about their time playing tennis and, on the tours, but we must discourage coaching tips as this is not what the session is booked for.

Types of membership

Please refer to to explore all levels of membership.


To enjoy full access to the Website and App, you need to sign up for a subscription. A subscription starts on the date that you sign up for a subscription and submit payment via a valid Payment Method or reactivate a pre-existing subscription.

Each billing cycle is either one month in length or 12 months in length which you will choose when you sign up for a subscription. Your All Court Tennis Club subscription automatically renews each month or every 12-month period, as applicable, and we will automatically bill the monthly or 12-monthly subscription fee to your Payment Method each month or 12 months, as applicable, until your subscription is cancelled or terminated.

For example, if you purchase your monthly or yearly All Court Tennis Club subscription on April 5, your subscription will automatically renew on May 5 the following month or May 5 the following year, respectively.

You may decide to upgrade/downgrade your subscription. Please visit the full terms and conditions for further details.

Attendance and Cancellation of Hitting Session

You should be present during your scheduled session and under no circumstances send a replacement or book a session for a on a non-member’s behalf through your profile. If you face an emergency that prevents you from attending, contact your booked Hitter or All Court Tennis Club ( as soon as possible.

We will excuse unreported absences in cases of serious accidents and acute medical emergencies. But, whenever possible, the booked Hitter should know when you are unable to complete the hitting session booked.

We provide a window of opportunity for cancellation or change of details to the session free of charge. To avoid hitting session cancellation fees you, in most cases, must cancel more than 8 hours prior to the hitting session using the app.

There are scenarios where you may be liable for all or a percentage of the hitting session fee.

When you onboard to our app you will need to agree to our terms and conditions in order to use the app to make bookings.  You be asked to agree at the appropriate time in the onboarding journey and will be provided with a link to the agreement which you can study prior to accepting on the app by clicking on an in-app “accept” button or similar.

Referred to in that agreement is our refund matrix. We set it out here for your convenience, attention and reference:

Code of Conduct

As a member of All Court Tennis Club, all company policies mentioned above apply to you. We have some additional expectations and recommendations about your behaviour when using the platform and its benefits, which we outline here. We cannot monitor ACTC Hitter conduct entirely, but trust that you always use your best judgement. Reach out to if you face any issues or have any questions.

Dress Code

There is no official All Court Tennis Club dress code for members.

Tennis wear and non-marketing tennis shoes which are ideally adapted to the court surface on which you are playing (hard court, red clay, green clay, or grass) is required by most, if not, all racquets clubs and tennis venues. Jogging shoes should not be worn on court as well as town or other sports shoes as they are unsuitable for play (and can be cause you injuries when playing due to lack of proper foot or ankle support), court surfaces and/or can mark them.

Where the club, venue or court that you are playing on requires a particular dress code, you must know that for yourself by researching the venue’s dress code policies and adhere to it.  For example, some clubs require all white tennis wear, including the tennis shoes and on-court warm up clothing (hoodies, sweaters etc.).

It is your responsibility to confirm with the court booked by yourself or the Hitter to check that you will be dressed appropriately as the terms and conditions set out by the courts, club, or location.

If you conform with our guidelines above, we do not have specific expectations about what types of clothes or accessories you should wear.

We also respect and permit grooming styles, clothing and accessories that are dictated by religious beliefs, ethnicity, or disability.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

We want to ensure that any confidential information about members, clients, customers, employees, partners, and vendors in our company is well-protected. Examples of confidential information are:

  • ACTC Hitter records
  • Unpublished financial information
  • Data of members, clients, customers, employees, partners, and vendors
  • Member lists (existing and prospective.)
  • Unpublished goals, forecasts and initiatives marked as confidential

As part of our onboarding process, we may ask you to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs.) We are also committed to:

  • Restricting and monitoring access to sensitive data
  • Developing transparent data collection procedures
  • Educating ACTC Hitters in online privacy and security measures
  • Building secure networks to protect online data from cyberattacks
  • Establishing data protection practices (e.g., secure locks, data encryption, frequent backups, access authorisation.)

We also expect you to act responsibly when handling confidential information.

To ensure this, you must:

  • Lock or secure confidential information always
  • Shred confidential documents when they are no longer needed
  • Make sure you view confidential information on secure devices only
  • Never disclose information to other Hitters or Members

You must not:

  • Use confidential information for your personal benefit or profit.
  • Disclose confidential information to anyone outside of our company
  • Replicate confidential documents and files
  • Store confidential documents on insecure devices

This policy is important for our company’s legality and reputation. We will terminate the membership of any ACTC member who breaches our confidentiality guidelines for personal profit.

We may also discipline any unintentional breach of this policy depending on its frequency and seriousness. We will terminate members who repeatedly disregard this policy, even when they do so unintentionally.


Harassment is a broad term and may include seemingly harmless actions, like gossip. We will not create an exhaustive list, but here are some instances that we consider harassment:

  • Engaging in frequent or unwanted advances of any nature
  • Commenting derogatorily on a person’s ethnic heritage or religious beliefs
  • Starting or spreading rumours about somebody’s personal life
  • Ridiculing someone in front of others or singling them out

Sexual harassment is illegal, and we will seriously investigate relevant reports. If any ACTC member is found guilty of sexual harassment, their membership will be immediately terminated.

If you are being harassed by an ACTC Hitter or by a member, or suspect someone else is, please get in touch to report the incident at or if you would prefer to discuss the details of the matter via phone call, please email us and request this. One of our HR representatives will contact you to further discuss the matter. Your report will be confidential, and we will investigate the situation with discretion.


Violence on our platform or at hitting sessions will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to any acts of:

  • Physical and sexual assault
  • Destruction of property
  • Threats to harm a person or property
  • Verbal and psychological abuse

We will seriously investigate relevant reports. If any member is found guilty of violence, their membership will be immediately terminated.

If you have experienced violence at the hands of a fellow ACTC Hitter or member, or suspect someone else has, please get in touch to report the incident at or if you would prefer to discuss the details of the matter via phone call, please email us and request this. One of our HR representatives will contact you to further discuss the matter. Your report will be confidential, and we will investigate the situation with discretion.

If you witness incidents of severe physical violence, e.g., ones that involve a lethal weapon, we urge you to call the police and avoid getting involved.

We will treat members who verbally threaten others as high-risk, and they will receive an appropriate penalty. If All Court Tennis Club finds that a member commits any act of violence, we will terminate that member and possibly press criminal charges. Members who damage property deliberately will be solely responsible for paying for it.

Supporting Victims

Our platform is founded on mutual respect, and we will not tolerate any compromise to this foundation.

Cyber security and digital devices

This section deals with all digital operations and sets out guidelines for using computers, phones, internet connection and social media, to ensure security and protect our assets.

All Court Tennis Club Member App usage

Our application platform is primarily as a business.

You must not use our app to:

  • Upload obscene, offensive, or illegal material.
  • Send confidential information to unauthorised recipients.
  • Invade another person’s privacy or attempt to gain access to sensitive information.

Mobile phone

Your phone is crucial to the facilitation of your membership. It is essential that you keep your phone charged to enable logging the session and confirming the session was completed.

You must not use your phone in areas where phone-use is explicitly prohibited by the court or club at which you will host the hitting session.

Using personal social media as an All Court Tennis Club Member

This section provides practical advice to prevent careless use of social media in relation to your membership. We address two types of social media use: using personal social media during a hitting session and representing our company through social media.

We encourage activity on social media that highlights your membership by our brand. We expect you to act responsibly, according to our policies and ensure that you stay productive. Specifically, we ask you to:

  • Ensure others know that your personal account or statements do not represent our company. For example, use a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own.”
  • Avoid sharing intellectual property e.g., trademarks or confidential information. Ask before you share company news that has not been officially announced.
  • Avoid any defamatory, offensive, or derogatory content. You may violate our company’s anti-harassment policy if you direct such content towards Hitters, clients, customers, employees, partners, or vendors of the All Court Tennis Club.

Representing our company through social media

If you are invited to represent or appear on All Court Tennis Club’s social media account or speak on our company’s behalf, we expect you to protect our company’s image and reputation. Specifically, you should:

  • Avoid speaking on matters outside your field of expertise when possible.
  • Follow our confidentiality and data protection policies and observe laws governing copyrights, trademarks, plagiarism, and fair use.
  • Coordinate with our marketing and social media department when intending to share any major-impact content.
  • Avoid deleting or ignoring comments without consulting us.
  • Correct or remove any misleading or false content as quickly as possible.

Conflict of interest

When you are experiencing a conflict of interest, your personal goals are no longer aligned with the platform’s usages. For example, presenting a bribe or gratuity may benefit you privately, but it is against our business code of ethics. If we become aware of such behaviour, you may lose your access to our app and may face legal action.

Another example is where you are introduced to one of our Hitters through our app by booking or completing a hitting session and instead of booking or requesting future hitting sessions on our app to be conducted by that Hitter, you conduct paid hitting sessions with him or her outside the app. Whilst we can’t nor wish to control how you conduct your business outside of the app, we’ve spent time, money and effort creating the app as a platform for you – to meet and play with professional athletes and have a great racquets experience, along with enjoying all the other benefits of being an All Court Tennis Club member. Requesting hitting sessions from, and/or paying a Hitter introduced to you on our app, is against our business code of ethics. If we become aware of such behaviour, you may lose your access to our app.

We expect you to be vigilant in spotting circumstances that create conflicts of interest, either to yourself or for Hitters. We expect that you follow our policies and always act in our company’s best interests. Whenever possible, do not let personal or monetary interests get in the way of your representation of All Court Tennis Club. If you are experiencing an ethical dilemma, contact and we will try to help you resolve it.

Solicitation and distribution

Solicitation is any form of requesting money, support or participation for products, groups, organisations or causes which are unrelated to our company e.g., asking for petition signatures. Distribution means disseminating literature or material for commercial or political purposes.

We will not tolerate the solicitation and/or distribution by ACTC Hitters or members through our platform.

Leaving our app

In this section, we outline our procedures regarding resignation and termination of ACTC Hitters. We also refer to our termination/resignation process.

You can remove your profile from the application platform anytime at your own free will.


Terminating an ACTC member is never our goal but sometimes deemed necessary. If a situation arises where such action is taken, we aim to always act lawfully and respectfully. We may terminate your membership with cause or without cause.

  • For cause termination is justified when an ACTC member breaches their contract, engages in illegal activities, disrupts our platform, or causes damage or monetary loss to our company.
  • Without cause termination refers to termination without providing details. We will follow our terms and conditions in the agreement we make with you and referred to below regarding notice and subscription payouts.

When you onboard to our app you will need to agree to our terms and conditions in order to use the app to make requests and/or bookings. You be asked to agree at the appropriate time in the onboarding journey and will be provided with a link to the agreement which you can study prior to accepting on the app by clicking on an in-app “accept” button or similar.

Policy revision

We will always strive for fairness, equal opportunity, and penalise offensive and illegal behaviours. But, as laws and our environment change, we may revise and modify some of our policies.

We have established an annual revision of our handbook to ensure it is up to date with legislation and employment trends. We also ask you to contact if you spot any inconsistencies or mistakes. And, if you have any suggestions about how we might improve our platform. We would be happy to hear them.