FAQ’s and How To’s for ACTC Hitter

Why be an ACTC Hitter?

  1. Earn with the best: Elevate your game with the premier global tennis lifestyle brand. Connect with a league of like-minded peers and unlock access to thousands of elite members across all major cities in the world.
  2. Work when you want: Empower yourself to choose the time, place, and extent of your work. Create multiple sessions to schedule across various cities while touring and earn with every journey as you open the door to exciting new earning possibilities.
  3. Set your own course: At All Court Tennis Club, you can choose when to work, find nearby clients easily, and earn more. The more sessions you complete, the more rewards you’ll receive, including access to top coaches and exciting kit deals. We’re here to support your success and help you build a bright future.

How much can I earn as an ACTC Hitter?

We have set up three packages to give you the best platform possible to earn your highest potential. You chose your session rate, and we are here to advise on this too to generate maximum bookings.

Bronze level: Every ACTC Hitter starts at this level. You can post sessions and accept requests from Members. Our commission is taken at our standard rate (see T&C’s).

Silver level: 48 hours after on-boarding to the ACTC App, post at least three bookable Hitting Sessions. Post at least six bookable Hitting Sessions per quarter and share each session on your social media. Once qualified our commission rate will fall by 50% (see T&Cs for full details).

Gold: Meet silver status credentials, completing 2/3 of posted bookable Hitting Sessions. Four extra social media pieces tagging ACTC, plus ACTC branded kit worn in social media posts. Once qualified you will be commission free and receive a free full membership at our highest members level, ‘Ace.’


  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Hold a current ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) or WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) ranking;
  3. A UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) of 11 or above (male) or 9 or above (female);
  4.  A NRTP (National Tennis Rating Program) of 6.0 or higher; a Lawn Tennis Association (“LTA”) (the national governing body of tennis in Great Britain, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)
  5. Can demonstrate that they regularly played county level tennis, if based outside in Great Britain or Division 1, United States of America Colleges level (or equivalent level if based outside of Great Britain or the United States, respectively) while attending university or college or hold membership with the LTA or an equivalent tennis association if not based in Britain.
  6. Your account will be verified, and an email will be sent to you to verify you have been accepted as an ACTC Hitter.
  7. Complete your profile and start posting sessions!

It really is as simple as that!


How do Hitting sessions work?

Once you are a verified ACTC Hitter you can post sessions in our ACTC Hitters App. Once a member books your session, make sure you turn up on time, meet the member (verified via scanning their QR code) and enjoy the hitting session. Your fee for the session will be sent to your account as soon as the hitting session has finished.

Where can I be a Hitter?

We are always expanding and growing our regions. Currently we are focussing on London, Paris and New York. If you live outside of these current locations, when you are travelling on tour you will be able to post Hitting sessions when you are in these cities.
Please let us know if you fall outside of these Cities and we will see what we can do to get up and running there as soon as possible!

How long does it take to become an ACTC Hitter?

We endeavour to get you verified as quickly as we can. This should be no longer than 24hrs to get you verified and then you will be able to set your profile and payment system up in no more than 1hr. We are always available to contact should you require any assistance.

How do I check the status of my verification?

We will email you with confirmation. If you have not heard from us within 24 hrs please send an enquiry to: Info@allcourttennisclub.com

Why should I be an ACTC Hitter?

You’re the boss. As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to post a Hitting session whenever you want, wherever you are in the world (currently operating in London, Paris and New York).

You can Hit whenever you want, meaning you are in control of how many hours you want to post per day or per week. It’s a great addition to help you access extra income to support your Tennis career.

Do I need any other experience, for example, do I need to know how to coach?

The simple answer is no. When you fulfil your hitting session you are there for that reason only. You are not there to coach the members. Please be courteous and enjoy the hitting session. You are providing a great experience for our members to be able to play against you.

What is a Hitting session like?

Greet your booked member outside the venue or if you have chatted via the internal messaging service at a location you have both agreed.

Scan the QR code from the member to acknowledge the beginning of the hitting session.

Once on the court, play for your allocated time as an ongoing rally or friendly match. You are not a coach, do not go to their side of the net to guide them on techniques. When your session has timed out, please leave the courts and thank the member for their booking – don’t forget to ask them to book in again with you soon!

What if my phone runs out of battery and I cannot scan the Members QR code?

As an independent contractor it is your responsibility to make sure your phone does not die due to it not being charged. We understand, however, that this may happen. Once with the Member, confirm your identity by showing your ID (you will also have a photo in your profile the member can compare to) and take a note of the OTP number underneath the QR code. Once your phone is charged, log into the app and enter the OTP number to acknowledge the session. Note: You will not be paid for your Hitting session until the OR or OTP number has been entered to validate the session.