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About this App

As an ACTC Hitter this app grants you access to our business platform. Through this app you can connect with ACTC members to schedule hitting sessions, accept hitting session requests and track your earnings. 

Posting Hitting Sessions

As soon as you are a verified Hitter, login and post your availability in your city. Accept and start earning. You are in charge of your session rate and how many you can fit into your schedule. We are here to advise at any time if you need ACTC support.  

Hitting Session Requests

Complete your profile, post your rate and watch the requests line up to be booked. Our members can also reach out and request sessions with their favourite Hitters or look to level up their own game by playing a session against someone of your standard. The app is designed to benefit all. You will earn and their game will improve!

Level Up

If you complete the requirements quarterly, your rewards as an ACTC Hitter will only increase. From free ACTC branded kit to reduced commission rates, we want you to succeed so the more Hitting sessions you complete, the more you can earn and be rewarded with!

Payment Options

By partnering with Stripe, the payment process is simple. Enter your account details, complete the registration of your account and you could be earning within days! As a sole trader you are responsible for your Tax so please refer to company guidelines per country for further information and guidance.  

About All Court Tennis Club

The All Court Tennis Club is a global tennis and lifestyle membership. We offer our international members access to a growing portfolio of tennis clubs, network of like minded tennis lovers, brand collaborations, as well as fun, engaging events channelling the golden age of amateur tennis.


About This App

Take advantage of the ACTC Apps ability to connect you with Hitting partners worldwide, network with like-minded tennis amateurs, gain access to coaching videos, mental focus tutorials and exclusive offers to sports events and hospitality around the world. Our different membership levels allow you to unlock a never seen before experience from the global tennis scene.

Book Hitting Sessions

Exclusive to ACTC members, book hitting sessions with world-class professional hitters in different cities. Choose your location, time and who you want to hit against. The options are all up to you. You can also see which Hitters are locally available, whether you are travelling or at home there will be an ACTC Hitter close by.

Request Hitting Sessions

Don’t see what you are looking for, post a request yourself and one of our ACTC Hitters will be sure to take you up on a Hitting session. Whether you have booked a court or not, ACTC will be able to provide a solution. Many of our ACTC Hitters are members at some of the most exclusive Tennis Clubs in the world. Which court will you be playing on next?

Payment Options

By partnering with Stripe, the payment process is safe, simple and secure. Your payment for the Hitting session is only released once your session has been verified via your connection with the Hitter at the court. For more information on refunds and cancellation policies please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Become a global player on the international scene.  Join the Hollywood of tennis clubs and tap into a global members club of passionate, amateur active tennis players, connected locally and internationally through city chapters –with exclusive access to clubs and courts, coaches and pro-hitting partners, experiences and events.

All Court Tennis Club is more than just a tennis brand – it’s a global lifestyle community that brings together tennis enthusiasts from around the world. Our members enjoy unparalleled access to top tennis events, tournaments, training sessions, and social experiences in some of the most exciting locations worldwide. But our offerings go beyond just tennis – we’re a lifestyle club that caters to diverse interests, including travel, art, culture, food, and more. With a network of partners and ambassadors, we’re dedicated to creating unique and exclusive opportunities for our members to indulge in their passions and live life to the fullest.