Train with Harley Street’s Top Athlete Physiotherapist, James Vickers

Target trouble areas and enjoy injury-free tennis with James Vickers, our experienced physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist, based on London’s prestigious Harley Street.

In a series of expert video tutorials provided to members of the All Court Tennis Club, James shares muscular rehabilitation and injury support to tennis players through the targeting of trouble areas which often present themselves within the sport. 

James’ digital library of physiotherapy videos cover hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, knees, hips, shoulders and triceps. James also offers his advice for prevention of injury and provides guidance for ensuring the longevity of cardiovascular fitness within the sport.

Target Trouble Areas & Achieve Injury-Free Tennis

  • Free access to expert video tutorials on muscular rehabilitation and injury support
  • Target trouble areas: hamstrings, calves, abs, knees, hips, shoulders and triceps
  • Ensure longevity of your cardiovascular fitness
  • Get a personalised digital library with exclusive videos
  • Convenient and easy to access
  • Improve performance and reduce risk of injury

Here’s a snippet of James’ digital library:

Get Your Tailored Video Pack at No Cost

To avail of your very own exclusive pack of videos, tell us a little bit about what areas you’d like to target and we can create a personalised digital library to send to you via email, no strings attached! All we want to do is to grow our community of tennis lovers worldwide and continue fuelling our mutual love for the game. We won’t overload you with emails, we will just share some of our expert tailored content with you from time-to-time.

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