Tuttosport - The All Court Tennis Club
London, EC1N 6SN


Daily Italian Sports Newspaper


by Alberto Pastorella

Date 23rd September 2021

Translated from original

Tennis is getting more popular all over the world and it is widely available to everyone. This is the idea around which Adrian Calvert, a businessman from Australia, who lives in London, is developing his vision. His idea is for everyone to have the chance to connect through tennis, no matter which part of the world they live in.  And it’s not just about the tennis played but also about the socialising and development of business through the membership of the club.

The All Court Tennis Club, the idea that Adrian is developing, is mainly for businessmen and businesswomen; for those who are in New York, Dubai, Sao Paulo, London and other cosmopolitan cities (even if only for a few days or a few hours) and want to play and share the passion with other members. “I am trying to promote to other clubs all over the world but mainly in the most important cities to build a worldwide community for those who love tennis, who love life and who are successful in what they do. An opportunity which gives them the opportunity to play tennis whilst doing their job;  it is basically a passport to travel the world through tennis.”

It won’t only be playing tennis, although there will always be a tournament, it is also the surroundings which will include staying in the best hotels, eating in the best restaurants and shopping in the best shops. For the members “subscriptions at the moment are complimentary if the person’s application for membership is accepted.  When we achieve a minimum number of members, we will start implementing a fee.  For the club it is a commercial negotiation, giving them an opportunity to expand their membership opportunities, increase their retention rates and gain more revenue. We currently have All Court Tennis Club partnerships in London, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Mumbai, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai and Paris. Nothing in Italy yet but we are talking to La Stampa in Turin and Bonaccossa in Milan. Meanwhile, joining the club is already open for everyone, including Italians, clearly”.

Over the last few days, Adrian Calvert has been in Turin for the opening of the new tennis court at the Sporting Stadium, La Stampa and on that occasion he started to promote the tennis club to particular clubs in Italy.