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What Can We Do For You?

One very special aspect of The All Court Tennis Club is that Members have access to the Club’s bespoke Racquets Secretariat. This Concierge Service assists Members by arranging tennis courts and a hitting partner in international, prestigious venues such as Hong Kong, London, Madrid or Sao Paulo  – whether you are in between meetings or sightseeing!

Take advantage of the collaborations with our partners on our Partners page only available through The All Court Tennis Club by also inquiring with our Racquets Secretariat.

If you are looking for great action on court, and the company of other keen tennis players from all over the world, you can’t beat the sense of belonging that comes with membership of The Ascotian All Court Tennis Club.

Travel Concierge

Our Racquets Secretariat can help Members with booking flights or hotels to our events, ensuring that Members feel welcome wherever they travel.

Play wherever you Travel for Business or Pleasure

Need a hit between Meetings or Sightseeing?

Our Hitting Partners in select cities can help.

Things to do around our English Grass Court Event

Attending our grass court tournament just outside of London during the European summer?  It is right in the heart of the grass court season and ends right at the time the Queens ATP 500 tournament begins.

Take a look at some of our favourite hot spots on the Recommendations page.

Partner Benefits

Members of The All Court Tennis Club looking to take advantage of our collaborations with the Clubs Partners can contact the Racquets Secretariat for more information.