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Train & Compete Paris

No matter the city, Train & Compete is about working up a sweat and improving your tennis game. In this exciting Paris T&C, the ACTC will host members at Paris Jean Bouin, one of Paris’ finest members clubs, to train with former ATP Top-150 player, Alexandre Sidorenko.

Alexandre will put players through their paces during this 90-minute session, training physically, technically and mentally, to ensure members are competing at the top of their game. Testing your abilities in a series of drills and competitions, this T&C is bound to get your blood pumping and ensure your next match is one of your best.

T&C is a great way of exposing players to a professional standard of tennis while allowing you to hit and network with fellow ACTC members. Our T&C sessions focus on enjoying the process not the outcome. Take care of the process, the outcome will follow

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Saturday 12th November 2022, Paris Jean Bouin, Paris

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