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Train & Compete Miami

Ever get that sneaking suspicion that you’re missing out on something? You’re missing a trick or don’t have the lowdown on the latest tennis training tactics?

We hate to break it to you, but your suspicions are accurate…

Unless, you are one of the All Court Tennis Club’s clued-in members taking part in Miami Train & Compete sessions with our superstar City Ambassador – Frederico Goncalves.

Swap those expensive private lessons down at your local club for a session with a coach who’s just back from coaching players though to the qualifiers of the Australian Open. 

Born in Portugal and bred in Miami, Eastern Kentucky University player Frederico is the current coach to some of the ATP’s top players and is proudly responsible for running the Crandon Park Tennis Centre while they were host to the Miami Open.

At Train & Compete Miami, Frederico puts players through their paces for an action packed 90-minutes – in a masterclass that values improving performance, winning more matches and competing hard for every point.

You’ll come away from Train & Compete with a firm foothold in a brand new tennis community and a newfound confidence in your game, what’s not to ‘love?’

Frederico hosts one ladies session and one mens session per month, but keep an eye out for announcements on his special mixed events.

Not in Miami but want to get involved? This is the only time we’ll say this: don’t sweat it… 

We regularly host Train & Compete sessions in our other city chapters across the globe, check out what’s coming up by clicking here. 

If you don’t feel you’ve got your moneys’ worth or can’t win a club match after your session, your next Train & Compete session is on us. 

In the meantime, you can keep up with the All Court Tennis Club over at @allcourttennisclub and Frederico over at @freddytennis_health

Here’s what the Miami local had to say about the city off the court: 

“My favourite thing about Miami is its love for sports and music. The diversity of cultures here is amazing and of course, you can’t beat the warm weather all year around. When I’m not working, you can usually find me at Lagniappe House. It is one of the best spots in the city, it has a really nice low key vibe and they do the best food and wine. They also have live music every night of the week, you really can’t go wrong!”

Show Previous T&C

24 June – Commodore Key Biscayne 9am-10.30am, Women
25 June – Brickell Place 10am-11.30am, Men
22 July – Commodore Key Biscayne 9am-10.30am, Women
23 July – Brickell Place 10am-11.30am, Men
19 August – Commodore Key Biscayne 9am-10.30am, Women
20 August – Brickell Place 10am-11.30am, Men
23 September- Commodore Key Biscayne, 9am-10:30 am, Women
24 September- Brickell Place, 10am-11.30am, Men
21st October – Key Colony, 9am-10:30 am, Women
22nd October – Brickell Place, 10am-11.30 am, Men
3rd December 2022 – Commodore Club South Key Biscayne-  10:00-11:30, Mixed
27th January 2023- 9am – Commodore, Key Biscayne – Women
28th January 2023 – 9am – Brickell Place – Men
17th Februray 2023- 10am-11.30 – Commodore, Key Biscayne – Ladies Session
18th Februray – 10am-11.30 – Brickell Place – Mens Session
17th March / Commodore, Key Biscayne – 10am-11.30am / ladies
Saturday 18th March / Commodore, Key Biscayne – 10am- 11.30am / mixed

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