Roger Federer's final farewell will be a tear jerker in London
London, EC1N 6SN

Roger Federer’s final curtain call is upon us.

The Laver Cup may only be viewed by most observers as an exhibition event as Team Europe take on Team World at the London’s 02 Arena, but the 2022 edition comes with an extra sprinkle of magic dust.

Federer’s announcement that his wondrous story in competitive tennis will end at the Laver Cup ensured that an event, already sold out despite the lavish ticket prices, took on a whole new level of significance.

That his fellow icons Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will be joining Federer on the same stage for his final hurrah, adds to the anticipation around an event that will now go down as one of the ultimate send-offs in tennis history.

Just a few weeks after the US Open turned Serena Williams’ possible farewell to tennis into a rock show that included unexpected encores, Federer is set to be given an ovation that will stir even the most hardened of souls this weekend, and the setting could not be more apt.

London, a city that has long since adopted the eight-time Wimbledon champion as their own, is the perfect setting for Federer’s exit.  

With tributes flowing in his direction since his announcement was made, highlighting the scope of his influence way beyond tennis.

Sporting giants from around the world have been paying tributes to Federer, along with politicians, celebrities and everyone who has stood on a court and faced him, also moved to pay tribute.

Now comes the turn of the fans to show what 20-time Grand Slam icon Federer means to them and this tribute is likely to be the most moving yet.

Nadal’s 22 Grand Slam titles and Djokovic’s 21 ensures Federer will not win that race, but when it comes to the hearts and minds of the tennis world, he will forever be No.1.

The great Mike Bryan summed up the mood of many tennis fans, during an exclusive interview at the recent All Court Tennis Club event in New York, as we asked him to pick his favourite player from the modern era of the game.

“For me, I’d say Roger Federer,” he told us. “The way he is so smooth, doesn’t sweat, he is like a zen master. He is the guy I just loved watching and he is the most relaxed in the dressing room. If he is playing in the finals at Wimbledon, he is laughing five minutes before the match like it is a Sunday afternoon in the park.

“When it’s all said and done, who knows who will have all the records. That may be Novak if he can play for another three or four years, but Roger has got a special place in my heart.”

They were words that could be echoed by every fan lucky enough to have a ticket for the 02 Arena this weekend.

For so many of his devotees, Federer’s grace and class on and off the tennis court has singled him out as the ultimate champion in an era that has given us the greatest players in the history of our sport.

The gasps of awe that always echo around a tennis arena when Federer steps on a court are different than those generated by any other player, with the silky style of play he has mastered over the last two decades.

So while his great rivals Nadal and Djokovic bring different qualities to the debate over who will be remembered as the best of them all, Federer will always have the vote as the people’s champion and that is why the end of his story will reduce so many to tears.

This year’s Laver Cup has become an event to pay homage to a tennis player who means so much to all of us who love tennis and even if most reading this have never met the great man in person, we all feel as if we know him having joined him on his remarkable journey so long ago. Federer has been part of our tennis lives for as long as any of us can remember and he has brought joy to everyone who has witnessed the way he took tennis to a whole new level.

Nadal and Djokovic fans will offer up valid reasons why their man deserves to be hailed as the greatest, yet the halo that hovers above Federer’s name will always glow a little brighter and that will be highlighted this weekend.

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